The Craziest Star

The Craziest Star 1989

The Johnny Lloveras, singer and showman, leaving the province and comes to Athens in order to conquer. He wants to become the first star in the field of night entertainment. But the bad fate and misfortune of many surprises. Moreover awaits him and love as the heart of the fight two delicious singers, Miranda and Jealousy. Which will win?

Youjo Melon

Youjo Melon 1987

In the ruined house, a member of the rock band breaks a seal to shut Melon the witch. And then Melon murders the members of the band one after another.

Elvis Centre Stage

Elvis Centre Stage 1990

Centre Stage focuses on The King’s captivating stage presence - from his grip of the microphone, the dynamic swing of his hips, the classy and often spectacular costume choices to the intimate settings and romantic torch songs. Featuring his first live performance on the Dorsey Brothers Stage Show in 1956 to “Unchained Melody” in 1977 during his final ever stage performance.

Who Killed Kim Kwang-seok?

Who Killed Kim Kwang-seok?

Kim Kwangseok is a very well known folk rock singer in South Korea. He is having committed suicide in 1996. There are still many theories concerning his death, but not one of them is definitive. This is a documentary that explores the truth that must not be left out of his life and music.

Dread Beat an' Blood

Dread Beat an' Blood 1979

Profile of Linton Kwesi Johnson whose poetry is rooted very strongly in feelings of marginalisation and alienation found within urban black populations in the UK. Johnson, born in Jamaica in 1952, has deliberately chosen to align himself with the oral poetic tradition of the West Indies, in which the poet is not isolated and introspective, but has a definite social role as a commentator and interpreter, as a public voice around which people can gather. As he says in the film, "The spoken word has more immediacy: it reaches more people, than written poetry could ever do." The concerns of his poetry are the concerns of the community within which he moves: the young black working-class people of inner city London who, mainly unemployed, are disaffected and disillusioned. […] The film follows Johnson as he read his poems in a school, works at the Keskidee centre, records an LP, and recites at a march in Bradford. […] (British Universities Film & Video Council)

Kiss (Unauthorized)

Kiss (Unauthorized)

This unauthorized DVD biography is the ultimate un-officia l Kiss video created exclusively for the fans. It includes early backstage interview footage from the 1983 Creatures O f the Night Tour plus rare on-the-road footage of the band with over 100 never-before-published photos. Also features Kiss at a 1994 in-store appearance, signing autographs and taking picures with fans during their Lick It Up tour. T he DVD also includes a biography on each band member. This video is a must-have for any true Kiss fan.

Bye Bye Blues

Bye Bye Blues 1989

Story about a WWII wife & mother who joins a local dance band to provide for family while husband at war. Romantic involvement with one of the band members make her decisions difficult when husband returns from war. Story watches the progression of the band as it grows into a popular, successful recording and touring group. Excellent music and soundtrack.

Adolphe Appia Visionary of Invisible

Adolphe Appia Visionary of Invisible 1988

The life and work of stage designer ADOLPHE APPIA, originator of the most profound agitations in contemporary theatre. Through the dynamic alternation of animated drawings and choreographies specially conceived for the film, we discover the steps of his artistic evolution.

Mamla Garbar Hai

Mamla Garbar Hai 1984

This Superhit Punjabi Movie (1984) was the Debut Film of Popular Punjabi Singer & Actor Gurdas Maan and is a musical Love Story. The film has all the ingredients of a commercial movie like Romance, Comedy, Action and Melodious Music. It was the biggest grosser of Year 1984 and is still adored by Movie Lovers Worldwide, especially the fans of Gurdas Maan and Daljeet Kaur.

Go Ride The Music And West Pole

Go Ride The Music And West Pole

Go Ride The Music was recorded in 1969 and focused on two of the Bay Area´s biggest bands at the time - Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service. The seven Airplane clips were shot at Pacific High Recording in San Franciso and feature their new drummer, Joey Cowington. Quicksilver Messenger Service was one of the original psychedelic bands and one of the most popular bands in the San Francisco scene in the late-60s. Hosted by Ralph J. Gleason, West Pole is an essay on the San Francisco music scene, originally airing in 1969. Featuring rare performance from both national and local favorites, this program is an in-the-moment glimpse of the scene, with only the hope of the future as a guide. Artists featured in this program include. The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Steve Miller Band, Ace of Cups and Sons of Champlin.

W.A.S.P. : First Blood, Last Visions

W.A.S.P. : First Blood, Last Visions 1993

Tracklist: 1. Animal (F*ck Like A Beast) 2. L.O.V.E. Machine 3. I Wanna Be Somebody 4. On Your Knees 5. Blind In Texas 6. Wild Child 7. I Don't Need No Doctor 8. The Real Met 9. Forever Free 10. The Idol 11. Hold On To My Heart