Jazz a la Cuba 1933

One of the short little films featuring Don Aspiazu of his own orchestra, a good example of the style of Cubano jazz in the 1920's and 1930's, combined with some sporadic, picturesque images of contemporary Cuba.

At the Rovaniemi Market 1951

Based on a song by the same name. It was the Genre Popularizer for the Rillumarei film and live entertainment genre that drew from the musical couplet genre of light, cleverly written, often satirical songs. Many of these films were based on an existing song, or a song was specifically written to be the foundation of a film.

Those Blues 1932

A Paramount musical short in which the Vincent Lopez Orchestra performs "St. Louis Blues."

The Jesus Lizard Live at CBGB's 1997

The Jesus Lizard blast through an incendiary set on New Year's Eve 1997 at the legendary CBGB's in New York City's Lower East Side. High quality. but unofficial release.

La vida es un tango 1939

Romance - with its ruptures and reunions - between a girl and a boy who want to succeed with the tango.

Kenny Rogers: Keep Christmas With You 1995

Enjoy this special time of year and relive the fond memories of Christmas with your favorite carols and songs of yesteryear. Join country crooner Kenny Rogers and special guests Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, and Boyz II Men for a heartwarming holiday special that combines live concert footage, filmed at the Grand Palace Theater in Branson, Missouri.

The White Grand Piano 1968

Musicologist Alla Arsenyeva arrives in Tadjikistan on a mission. Her goal is to find a unique white grand piano, known to be made in France in the nineteenth century. Rumours say it was last seen in the republic’s capital Dushanbe. The local authorities, however, are uncooperative and do whatever they can to thwart her efforts, attempting to make the rare instrument national property. But Alla persists, assisted by her new friends, the celebrated composer J.J. Ahmedov, his young colleague Shodi, the charming Lola and the old woman Roziya-Bibi.

The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra - Four Bach Suites - Ton Koopman 2001

The music of the Eighteenth century features delicate textures and refinement as well as expressiveness and energy. This was the age of the smaller chamber orchestra, and Bach was one of the compositional geniuses of the century. In this recording, the award-winning Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, which specializes in authentic renditions on fine reproduction period instruments, performs four delightful Bach suites, including No. 1 in C, No. 2 in B Minor and Nos. 3 and 4 in D Major.