The Boy Who Never Was 1980

The son of African diplomat is kidnapped and replaced by his double in an attempt to assassinate a VIP at a London conference.

The Award 1985

THE AWARD, based on a story by Jack Weyland. The Award is a story about some team-mates of a high school football team who decide to present an "award" to the "Ugliest Girl in School." Based on a real-life incident, the film bears a strong message for youth about moral values, and about compassion for people who are different than themselves. A warm and moving human interest production. For homes, classrooms, libraries, firesides. Of interest to all faiths. Original music and lyrics. Color/345 minutes. [sic: actually 45 minutes] Produced by Donna Dick Cypress California Stake

Bad Poetry Tokyo

A 30 Year old woman, a hostess past her time working at a shady club and an aspiring actress living in Tokyo. Betrayed by her lover and her dreams crushed, the broken woman leaves Tokyo for her hometown in the countryside after five years of no contact with her family. There she reconnects with an old flame but is also forced to confront some unpleasant truths about her past.

Captain Krokus 1991

Appearance of Coco the Clown and Peach the Pig in the circus is always a happy holiday for children and adults in a small town. But the terrible Chuchelische is ready to do whatever it takes for this celebration to not take place and make children's laughter turn to tears. At this time, the city government is in the hands of insidious Kibernator-General, which decides to close the circus, arrest Coco and make a stuffed out of Peach. Two friends, Kid and Slice, with a good and brave Captain Crocus decide to save Coco and Peach and return the children to the circus.

Kindheit 1987

Alfons lives with his grandparents on a Silesian village farm at the end of WWII. He adores his grandmother, who runs everything after her husband dies. But everything changes after the appearance of a traveling showman in the xenophobic village.

Mondi and Diana 1985

Mondi, a schoolboy, is good at lessons but he is rather impulsive. His young and inexperienced teacher fails to see him for what he really is and in a sort of way contradicts him. While his father follows closely the positive inclinations of his son and helps him to form his personality.

Not a Word about Football 1973

Thirteen year old Slavik has always wanted to play football, but in order to play on the children's team he lies and pretends to be 12 years old. When they win, his life could not be better. But when his little sister finds out what he's done and threatens to send a letter to the losing team, his deception is revealed.

Gopurangal Saivathillai 1982

Murli is a stylish and handsome young man who is forced to get married to an ugly village girl, Arukani, by his father. To escape from his wife and his father, he takes a transfer to Bangalore. In Bangalore, he gets friendly with one of his colleague, Julie, who is modern and beautiful. Both fall in love and get married. Murli does not reveal his past to Julie. However, Murli's happiness is short-lived. His first wife Arukani accidentally lands up at his house in Banglore. How does Murli manage the situation and hide Arukani's identity from Julie? What will be Arukani's fate? Will Julie get to know the truth?

Wee Sing in Sillyville 1989

One day, two kids named Scott and Laurie and their basset hound Barney are magically transported into a coloring book! This coloring book is a mystical, magical land called "Sillyville." While there, the kids meet up with Sillywhim, a happy, sing-songy lady who tells them of Sillyville's troubles. The Yellow Spurdurgurgles, Blue Twirlypops, Green Jingleheimers, and Red Bittybooties are all fighting because they do not wear the same colors! Scott, Laurie, and Sillywhim meet up with all of these coloful characters, plus a talking tree, a singing acorn, and the kindly purple-wearing Pasha who all sing songs about themselves. Will the kids and Sillywhim be able to reunite all of the people of Sillyville? You can bet your magic rainbow blower on it!

Moss-Covered Asphalt 1983

A boy-poet from the village enrolls at the elementary school in the nearest city, but the other kids reject him for not being one of theirs. However, the real values emerge at the surface.

Dora et la lanterne magique 1978

Eleven-year old Dora (Nathalie Manet) is forced to chase after clues concerning her inventor-father's death while being chased by thugs working for big industry. Not only is she seeking to understand her father's mysterious death, but some of the clues he gave her indicate that he invented something unusual which the big companies want. She barely escapes being kidnapped and is helped in her search by a magical fairy and an aspiring actress.

The Explosion Will Be at Five 1984

This tale is about young Ludvik (Robert Nespor) an erstwhile, budding scientist whose practical sense leads him to experiment before his common sense has figured out the results. Due to that unfortunate pattern, he variously floods the bathroom while working on displacement of volume and weight in water, he shatters the harvest pumpkins but not the law of gravity, and now he is eyeing the neighbor's rabbits for an electricity experiment. While the rabbits remain safe for awhile, Ludvik's parents wish he would follow in their more traditional footsteps and dedicate himself to music. Instead, Ludvik has learned that the proper mixture of a certain carbide and water can be explosive, and while he works on that technique, a friend tips off the physics teacher about these potentially disastrous plans.