The Flag

The Flag 1965

A sly critique of the communist regime in Poland, one of the carefree participants disrupts a patriotic march by retrieving a collection of unnecessary "bourgeois" items from inside his head. It introduces the disunity in their ranks as everyone starts playing with objects brought by him.

The Lazy Fox

The Lazy Fox 1941

In spring, the fox is busy partying. On the other hand, the diligent raccoon dog family works hard in the fields even in the hot summer and are ready for the fall harvest. The fox makes fun of the raccoon dog family sweating as they carry their crops and steals a rabbit’s food in front of the raccoon dogs. When cold winter comes, the raccoon dog family enjoy themselves around a fire, but the fox wanders in the snow searching for food. The fox works out a plan to rob the raccoon dogs of the stock of food in their warehouse by starting a phantom fire. The fox changes into the shape of a truck and gets away with the food, but a raccoon dog turns into a sleigh and chases it. A battle of transformation between the fox and raccoon dogs starts in the air. One raccoon dog, reduced to one wing is facing a tough fight, but his family helps him with an anti-aircraft gun and finally fights off the fox.

The Project

The Project 1969

An educational short produced by Disney which poses three questions to children in how they should deal with a given situation. This time a school project.

Armies of the World

Armies of the World 1932

Maru-san and Kaku-san have grown complacent in the long peace. They go to view a military parade, but it turns into a comparison of the military strength of countries around the world. In the end, they listen in on an arms control conference to find out what each country is really thinking.

The Hare in Inaba

The Hare in Inaba 1935

Usagi-san was washed away by some large waves. He cheats a crocodiles to get home. When he does, he was so dirty that his friends abandoned him because he was unrecognizable.

The Queen's Monastery

The Queen's Monastery 1998

Inspired by Leos Janacek's Sinfonietta, The Queen's Monastery is about a woman whose lover, a former acrobat, has returned to her from war a changed man. Using a highly individual watercolour technique the narrative explores themes of love, escapist fantasy, obsession and guilt.

Zap! The Magical Computer

Zap! The Magical Computer 1997

When ZAP! discovers the Number 8 has been kidnapped by the sinister Evol, he and his best friend, Teacher, must travel through enchanted worlds to rescue her. Along the way, they run into Evol's henchmen, the Spelling B's, and meet up with a very odd wizard. Will they rescue her before it's too late?! Come take this fantastic journey with ZAP! The Magical Computer in this spectacular, fully computer- animated adventure!

Morphing of the Telephone

Morphing of the Telephone 1997

A number of telephones from the very first invention by Alexander Graham Bell to the present-day cellular and voice phones are morphed in an inventive choreographic video.

Die Barcarole

Die Barcarole 1923

Among Lotte Reiniger's commissioned pieces are several advertising films for the Julius Pinschewer agency, including: "Das Geheimnis der Marquisin" (The Secret of the Marquise) for Nivea skin cream and "Die Barcarole" (The Barcarole) for Pralinés Mauxion dessert. Other pieces commissioned by Pinschewer (e.g. a commercial for ink) are considered lost. "Die Barcarole" is an unusual take on the "Romeo and Juliet" theme, with the suitors arriving in Venetian gondolas (a barcarole is a musical piece whose measure is designed to resemble the swaying of a gondola).