Googolplex 1972

Extended editing techniques based on Land’s experiments affect the viewer’s sensory perceptions.

The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl 1971

A little girl tries to sell matches on a cold December night with no luck. To keep from freezing she lights one match and sees a wondrous vision...


Accident 1973

Jules Engel's Accident (1973) is a two-fold work of lithography and experimental animation to equally assert this awareness in the history of art, cinema, and experimental animation. Aside from a surface language of animal locomotion, the primacy of the frame as a principle of timing acceleration, deceleration and variation is fulfilled in the collective Muybridge, Engel and Deleuze. (


Stone 1975

Independent, stop motion animation by Aihara Nobuhiro, combining drawings and real landscapes.

Waybuloo - Hi-Hi Cheebies

Waybuloo - Hi-Hi Cheebies

Welcome to the world of Nara; a land of happiness, laughter and friendship that’s home to the Piplings. There are lots of important lessons to be learnt when the Piplings play a game of Tricky Kicky, and when Yojojo tries to get his mangoes to ripen and his songbird to start singing again! Plus, the Cheebies help the Piplings in their attempts to share equally and Yojojo gets the hiccups! Come and join the fun and togetherness of the Piplings and Cheebies – because everything in Waybuloo is better together!

Goldilox & the Three Hoods

Goldilox & the Three Hoods 1975

The Dogfather tells his nephew a story- his own version of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." In this version, the three bears are actually Dogfather and his hench-dogs, and it's pizza instead of porridge, and the Goldilox is an criminal who breaks inside someone's house and eats whatever they have.

A Film on Family Planning

A Film on Family Planning 1979

The letters KB refer to the official term `Keluarga Berencana’, i.e. `Family Planning’. This is a “Non KB” film. A spontaneous vision on the introduction of family planning.