Rough Brunch

Rough Brunch 1971

The Aardvark chases The Ant, but this time The Ant has found a new pal in a termite.


Why 1975

A short experimental animation by Keiichi Tanaami.


Locomotive 1976

1976 “Lokomotywa” / “Train Engine” (after Lokomotywa, a poem by Julian Tuwim). Made with the use of classical cartoon animation and combined photographs, the film adds more humour to Tuwim's rhyme. (

Virgin Beasts

Virgin Beasts 1991

Blending live action with twisted animation, this film tells the story of a gang of young surfers struggling to survive in post-apocalyptic Sydney

Kick Me

Kick Me 1975

An Oscar Nominated short film about a red pair of legs.

All Hams on Deck

All Hams on Deck 1970

Woody is at home being bored and watching TV and hears a special bulletin about pirated gold by Captain Blah. Woody still bored and ignoring the bulletin decides to go to bed. While drifting off to sleep, dirt is slung through Woody's bedroom window & when investigates, he finds Captain Blah digging a hole to bury his gold. Seeing where Blah buried his gold, he chases after Woody.


Monument 1990

William Kentridge’s Monument is a captivating short animated film about the unveiling of a statue dedicated to the South African work force. This monument comes to life, and continues to suffer under the elite white regime. This celebration and memorialization of past injustices fails in its goal to silence or normalize these injustices, as the statue breaks the cinematic third wall and its breathing fills our ears.