Puss Bucket

Puss Bucket 1991

Two religious maniacs, Judas (played by Terrence Fleming) and Corned Beef (played by Eric Hammer), are visited by two aliens, Madeline Virbasius and Dion. Virbasius, dressed as the Virgin Mary, tells the two to kill people for Jesus and to drain the puss from their heads and bring it back to them. Fleming and Hammer set out to bring "the Virgin Mary" back as much puss back as possible in a bucket (hence the title)



Beatrice gets lost on her way home and has a horrific encounter with a dreadful stranger.


Blutgeil 1993

Two vicious cops go after a group of junkies. It doesn't end well for them.

The Paper Round

The Paper Round

A psychological short horror that uncovers the gruesome reality behind a continuous cycle of events.



An excommunicated Eastern Orthodox priest is the only one who can save a possessed young woman.

Zombies Eat My Guts

Zombies Eat My Guts

Alex Wesley spreads the carnage again in this trilogy of splatter tales. Independent, gore filled fun.

Holy Moly

Holy Moly 1991

A priest is controlled by evil forces and forced to do nasty acts.

Hinckley's Drop

Hinckley's Drop

Samuel Marston visits a coastal town following the death of his wife. However, his break turns into a nightmare when an unsettling presence begins to haunt him.

L'Elue des Enfers

L'Elue des Enfers 1985

A two year old little girl,(Cindy) has been chosen by the devil, to become the antichrist


Genesis 1988

Genesis recounts a story about embodiment "told" using voice synthesis and animation display on a MacIntosh computer. It was installed at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia in 1991. A computer is swaddled in blankets in a small baby carriage. A text appears on the screen that tells the (true) story of a woman who miscarries and keeps the fetus in her refrigerator. The narration is artificial, generated by a speech synthesis program. This voice becomes more human as the story evolves and as our understanding of the power of naming sharpens.

Song Kram Phee

Song Kram Phee 1991

We have teams from China and Japan seeking out a black stone that can create immensely powerful magic. There's some resistance and the local population calls up a shaman who announces he will be a shaman for a thousand years. Yes, he's evil. So we're off to more wackiness with wizards, ghosts, zombies, and a few of those female ogres/ghouls. There are a few gut-munching scenes. It all ends up in a magical war.

Revenge of the Abandoned Child

Revenge of the Abandoned Child 1987

Dino (Yan Bastian), an adopted child of a former criminal, suffers when his adoptive father is murdered by Bandot (Robin Karim). Dino then works as a taxi driver but is caught by a group of kidnappers led by Benjol (Boy Agusta Rachman), who also abducts Leli (Wenny Rosaline), the rich entrepreneur daughter of Bandot.

Spooks A-Poppin'

Spooks A-Poppin' 1992

A documentary about the phenomenon of "spook shows," which were a sort of circus-type freak show/carnival act that were often performed in movie theaters before a horror movie was shown. Film clips from several old spook shows and interviews with some of the performers and producers are shown.

Bestia nocturna

Bestia nocturna 1986

A sadistic psycho, disguised as a military man and wearing a helmet, attacks and murders (mostly) women in a small town. It's up to the police captain and his girlfriend (who must act as a decoy) to stop him.


Vampires 1986

The students at a private girls' school are unaware that the school's doctor is secretly using a machine to extract the energy from the young girls.