The Clover Sect

The Clover Sect 1948

The film is about a writer who gets involved in a police case related to some jewelry belonging to a Chinese sect.

Charlie Chan Carries On

Charlie Chan Carries On 1931

Charlie steps in to solve the murder of a wealthy American found dead in a London hotel. Settings include London, Nice, San Remo, Honolulu and Hong Kong. Fast-paced with lots of wisecracking.

Katharina & Witt, Fiction & Reality

Katharina & Witt, Fiction & Reality 1997

Animation feature ostensibly about the adventures and romance of two Interpol agents, called upon to investigate a sensational art theft. At the same time, the film pokes fun at the contemporary art world - in particular Joseph Beuys's statement that 'everybody is an artist'.

La cabeza de Pancho Villa

La cabeza de Pancho Villa 1957

Rival factions struggle over a box that was entrusted by Pancho Villa to several members of his higher command. Second of three films in series "El jinete sin cabeza."

Midnight Heat

Midnight Heat 1996

A football player is framed for the murder of his team's owner, whose wife he happens to be sleeping with.


Artist 2000

The tragic death of her fianc'e on the day of their wedding drives a woman to the edge. She builds a cottage by his grave, dances and sings by his grave and finally digs up his corpse and brings it into her house. She proceeds to live with him as man and wife. One day, she begins to write a screenplay about the resurrection of her dead lover entitled 'Artist'.

Los muertos no hablan

Los muertos no hablan 1958

Bandit crew with mysterious masked leader is doing lots of crimes. Mauricio Rosales and his sidekick ride into town all incognito and stuff to set things right.


Mahal 1969

To pay for his sister's marriage, a brother enters into a criminal conspiracy to impersonate the nephew of a wealthy male.

Punishment Island

Punishment Island 1966

Seeking revenge against the guard who tormented him, a young man returns to the island where he was imprisoned in reform school. But his plans for vengeance are disturbed when he encounters a strange and beautiful young woman

Girl in Danger

Girl in Danger 1934

Inspector Steve Trent tracks the stolen Cortez emerald, last pilfered by a murdered gangster.

The Westland Case

The Westland Case 1937

A detective must solve a case where a girl was murdered in a room--and all the doors and windows were locked from the inside.


Sideshow 1950

A Treasury Department agent on the trail of an international jewel smuggling ring joins a carnival that he thinks the gang is using as a front. He finally locates the jewels hidden as the eyes of wax figures.