Awfully Lawful 2013

Awfully Lawful is a 2013 Hong Kong television legal drama produced by TVB. The series revolves around four lawyers, their legal cases and their personal relationships.

Assaulted Nuts

Assaulted Nuts was a short-lived TV comedy series which ran in early 1985. The show was constructed as a fast-paced succession of short, unconnected sketches. It was a co-production between Cinemax in the US and Channel 4 in the UK. The US-UK nature of the show was demonstrated in the unusual nature of its casting: American performers like Elaine Hausman, William Sadler and the soon-to-be-famous Wayne Knight acted alongside the familiar British comic actors Cleo Rocos, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Daniel Peacock and Barry Cryer. In the UK the show was broadcast in a late-night slot and seen by relatively few people. In spite of the quality of its writing and the abilities of its performers, it made little impact. Seven 30-minute eposodes were made before the show was cancelled. The original broadcasts were weekly between 17 January and 28 February 1985. Writers: Ray Cameron, Barry Cryer, Andrew Marshall, David Renwick, Terry Ravenscroft, Peter Vincent. Producer/Director: Ray Cameron

Love Around

Love Around is an on-going 2013 Taiwanese idol romantic-comedy television series. The television drama was produced by Sanlih E-Television starring George Hu as the male main lead and Annie Chen as the female main lead. It was first aired on June 9, 2013 on TTV channel after King Flower. This marks the second series that George Hu and Annie Chen co-starred and paired up with each other after Love, Now in 2012.


Denton was an hour-long late night live interview program hosted by the eponymous Andrew Denton. It aired on the Seven Network in Australia between 1994 and 1995. Regular guests included Amanda Keller and Bobcat Goldthwaite Andrew won the 'Most Popular Comedy Personality' Logie Award in 1996, for his role in Denton ⁕Denton at IMDB ⁕Rolling Stone interview with Andrew Denton regarding the upcoming show ⁕Review of Andrew's career, with notes regarding Denton