D.O.A.: To Hell and Back 2014

Sudden Death Records and MVD proudly present punk legends D.O.A.'s new live DVD "To Hell N' Back." 90 minutes of amazing action from the Godfathers of Hardcore. Recorded at home and on tour in Canada between June 2011 and January 2013 with four cameras a night. The band charges through 30 D.O.A. classic punk anthems. Includes a free CD version of D.O.A.'s studio album We Come in Peace.


The film shares the stories of Bernice from Kongo, Emmanuel from Ghana, Ivan from Ukraine, Nana from Georgia and Pantea from Iran on their journeys to landscapes and cities in Westphalia, Germany. They talk about their descent, being on the move and coming home.

Wolf 2018

After heading to the country to sell his childhood home, Kevin finds himself caught in the middle of a missing persons case while he also begins developing visions of a wolf.

Banal 2017

Banal is a process of self-discovery of the silence that exists in each of us. Through a self-documentary, a filmmaker Bruna Pavesi purges all feelings loaded without any emptiness that inhabits.


Zoom is a 2016 Sri Lankan Sinhala horror romantic film directed by Sameera Wackwella and co-produced by Dhammika Abeysena and Praveen Jayaratne for Dil Films International Limited. It stars Sheshadri Priyasad, Hemal Ranasinghe and Dinakshie Priyasad in lead roles along with Jayalath Manoratne and Douglas Ranasinghe. Music composed by Gayan Perera. It is the 1267th Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema. It is the first 3D film produced in Sri Lanka.

Ondskans år 1987

A drama about an eleven year old boy and the Nazism in Sweden during the second world war.

Equestrian Acrobats

This Pete Smith Specialty showcases the Cristiani Family, a circus act. They mount and dismount moving horses and perform acrobatic feats while riding them.

Tropic of Gallagher 2007

Gallagher rants about homosexuality, individuality and Spam then has some fun with audience members. Then it's time for the sledge-o-magic.

Thottam: The Garden 2017

Tired of his job as a temporary teacher, Prabha decides to resign without his father's knowledge and leaves the estate with his wife, Sumathi. One day, the estate people learn that the developer's company has bought over the estate land for development purposes. Representing the estate people, Prabha's father, Maniam, searches for a lawyer to defend their rights. However, the fight is halted when Maniam passes away. Not willing to see the estate disappear, Prabha returns to continue his father's fight.


A brother and sister venture into the woods to join a cult, but must first pass a series of bizarre tests.

People of the Wasteland 2018

People of the Wasteland is a short-film of 24 minutes that focuses on the concept of war. It presents footage filmed and gathered during more than two years through a GoPro camera placed on the heads of different Syrian fighters in the enemy region. The film presents the violence and the horrors of war in a first-perspective point-of-view. The editing uses reality and experimental styles in order to reflect the absurdity of war. The location of the film is intentionally unclear, appearing only as the "wasteland", with the aim of making the concept of war a global concept, that not only affects Syrians but all humans.

The Lost Interview Adam Weischaupt 2016

Was the Illuminati out for World Domination or were they simply the equivalent of the Modern Freedom, Truth and Patriot Movements of today, or was it somewhere in between? Weischaupt talks candidly about his life, his misadventures and his goals, in this short animated and somewhat satirical talk show, interspersed with comedic skits to further illustrate the conversation.


A cam girl and blender salesman navigate life in the San Fernando Valley.