Man Divided

Man Divided 2017

2095. The world is ravaged by ecological disaster. Oceans have risen and all natural freshwater is gone. Fang Rung has undergone molecular fission in order to send his other half, code name Gordon Thomas, back in time to the year 2017. Gordon goes in search of scientist Mona Lindkvist whose ground-breaking research was lost before it could save the world. When Fang Rung loses contact with Gordon he sees no alternative but to travel back to 2017 himself trying to locate his other half before the world's balances are irreparably damaged. It's a race against time for Fang Rung to save himself and the world.


Cook-Off! 2017

Amateur 'chefs' from around the country compete for a million dollar prize in the ultimate food fight.

Punyalan Private Limited

Punyalan Private Limited 2017

Punyalan private limited is the sequel to the superhit movie Punyalan Agarbathis.This comic riot will hit screens on Nov 17th


Deadbox 2017

Preparing for a national competition, a group of paintball players camp on an island. The island, however, holds secrets which will make them realize that their skills serve for more than a game, they serve to not be eliminated.


Gholam 2017

An Iranian expat living in London has a shady past and an enigmatic present.

The Night Comes For Us

The Night Comes For Us 2017

Ito (Joe Taslim), a gangland enforcer, caught amidst a treacherous and violent insurrection within his Triad crime family upon his return home from a stint abroad.


Eva 2017

A playwright encounters a mysterious woman when he takes shelter in a chalet during a violent snowstorm.

Lesson of Magic

Lesson of Magic 2017

An ancient Scripture says: «Get a Power of the Crystal Eye and will have everything you dream about…Sorcery, the hidden power , mystery language of animals and birds – subservient to the Master of the Crystal Eye». School friends teens caught in a tangled game of Sorceress and Witches from different worlds. Who ’s finally winners? Real friendship or the dark ?


Sollividava 2017

Sollividava is an upcoming Indian bilingual film made simultaneously both in Tamil and Kannada which is written and directed by Arjun Sarja.